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The site is split in two halves:


1. For those just wanting to further information on a certain topic

2. For those who are interested in reading more about a particular section. 


Content for the right Target Market

Governance Connect website has a lot of content, however, some is available to all and the rest is for those who work in the industry or consider themselves “professional or institutional” investors.  The reason for that is because of the terminology used, which could be used in other industries, but have different meanings.  Hence, all terminology is applicable to the financial sector.


Colour coding

There is a lot of content that can be read, but the content that is protected, we do ask for a couple of quick details.  We do that only to make sure the right “target market” is viewing it.  We would advise, if you are thinking about making a change to any process or procedure after reading some content on this website that you check with Governance Connect to make sure it is applicable via


Where words are in BOLD this allows the reader to click for an explanation of the term from a glossary in an appendix.  Where the wording is in GOLD then there is a lot more information available, but Governance Connect requires some details. 


In addition, more educational material can be emailed on request, if the site information is not sufficient, or alternatively a representative can go through a topic in person.


One clear reason for Governance (and a framework) is due to the FCA’s Senior Managers and Certification Regime and the Presumption of Responsibility Test, which requires all managers to prove that they took all relevant steps to prevent any breaches from occurring. 


Mailing list

To be kept informed about governance, conduct risk and oversight development and issues then please leave your details in the subscription box at the bottom of any page.


Contact us

To allow Governance Connect to make sure it answers queries appropriately there are three methods:


1. Contact the named individual

2. – for those wanting more information on a particular topic, such as governance frameworks, Risk or Investment Fund Oversight

3. – for anyone wanting a call back or to arrange a visit to discuss how Governance Connect can help

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